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The following is a list of all PayCalc 2023 releases as well
as any problems that were fixed and any features that
were added, modified or enhanced in each release.

2023.00 — 12/15/2022 (Initial Release)

  • Added. Condensed Earnings Statement Report which will print up to 5 Employees per page. Suitable for Clients who are generating payroll checks through the Program. This type of report consists of all the details of the Standard Report except for the employer and employee addresses.

  • Added. Window Styles. You can now choose from up to 20 different styles to customize the program. There are light and dark styles all with different color command buttons and window text.

  • Added. An optional Payroll Period Description data entry field to the Payroll Reports Dialog Window to customize the report.

  • Added. Draft copy of Forms 941 and 941-V for 2023 as of December 6, 2022. It appears that these forms will used for all four quarters of 2023.

  • Modified. All reports generated by the Program will be streamed to memory. Reports will no longer be streamed to a temporary file thereby making their execution more efficient.

2023.01 — 12/22/2022

  • Updated. The Federal Withholding Tax Rate Schedules and Payroll Processig Information for Calendar Year 2023.

  • Addded. An approved copy of Form W-4 for Calendar Year 2023.

2023.02 — 02/24/2023

  • Added. Support for printing and filing Forms 941 and 941-V for 2023.

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